The way we interact with the internet and the devices in which we use to do so are changing! We’re no longer chained to the confines of a desk to surf the web or make purchases. Mobile web is a hugely growing industry, latest stats show there are now 1.2 billion mobile web users throughout the globe.

Open your website up to mobile devices

5.9 billion people across the globe have either a mobile phone or a landline (join here), feature phones sales still outweigh smart phones sales 2:1 but that’s still 1.6 billion smartphone users. Of which 8.9% of global website traffic is now coming from smartphones! Still think you don’t need a mobile friendly website? Or an application targeting these visitors?

In the U.S it’s actually even estimated that 25% of mobile web users, are mobile only, meaning they only have access to the web through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet devices. Hopefully by now your starting to see the picture, mobile is becoming ever more important!

Come and talk to us about a Mobile App

Whether it’s an application idea, a responsive website, making your website more accessible to mobile browsing users or an efficiency improving idea we’d love to sit down and have a chat with you about how we can help.