Discover Solar

The Brief

Discover Solar is a consumer facing Solar Panel / Solar Energy information website, providing easy to digest and understand information about the benefits of Solar Panels for UK public residents. There are many benefits to using energy created by solar in the average UK household and Discover Solar aims to make it clear what those benefits are by providing great information, explanations, videos, FAQS and estimations.

Discover Solar is a joint venture between Bytewire Ltd & Marble Construction, after working with each other on their company website each party decided to bring together similar technologies and create a more national facing tool.

Renewable energy is a big deal these days, with the Government having to meet it’s renewable energy quoter by 2020 (set by the EU) there are plenty of Government backed incentive schemes out there to persuade UK homeowners it’s worth going green. Many of these incentive schemes actually represent financially profitable investments for UK homeowners and thus are becoming every more attractive investments, after all, the suns not going to stop shining right?

Using the Government FIT (Feed-in Tariff) and export tariff incentives we can calculate using clever technologies, such as – Google Maps, NASA Radiation data and SAP calculations (for the UK) our tool will provide up to date and accurate estimations to any home owner in the UK. These calculations will include a averaged (safe) calculation regulated by SAP and based on the midlands and a more accurate NASA calculation which provides a slightly more attractive proposition for those of us South of the midlands.

The Solution

We decided to go with a bespoke design, using HTML5, Modernizr, element of responsiveness all backed by WordPress. We decided that we wanted to try and encapsulate some of the friendly quirkiness often seen in companies such as Innocent smoothie in our design.

We have recently added a directory of all of the MCS Installers in the country to our directory and are continuously working to add new areas to the site.

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