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We, quite simply, build websites with a difference. We help our clients prosper, thats the difference when working with Bytewire. We’ll combine our advice & technical knowledge with real life application and web design that not only looks great but functions even better! Most of our clients use their websites for business purposes and we provide the backbone to make it a success.

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We’ve worked hard to make sure that everything we have pushed out the door and into the www is worthy of our stamp. With a combined experience of over 15 years building web applications and websites for all sorts of clients and uses, we’re sure we can also help you.

From small start ups to medium / large companies we’ll always provide a great service and apply the same level of thought, attention to detail and care.

As a small business we really aren’t like the corporate machine found up in the big apple. We don’t churn out websites and projects on a daily basis from the same templates just to keep up with our monstrous rent. We don’t try to be dishonest or find hidden fees to bill you for, and we don’t try to alienate you with technical spiel.

What we do, is make your web aspirations reality, with an exciting, fun and adventurous approach, as it should be.


If you have an enquiry regarding an exciting new project, or would like to discuss any future projects, please feel free to drop us a line. Equally, if you are just passing by and simply want to say hello then you are more than welcome. Where to find us »

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