Web ventures do not fly without the correct mix of marketing and advertising. Just like any business, for people to discover you, you need to be discoverable. How can you achieve this on the web? Keep reading.

Driving traffic to your website

The web offers a multitude of different marketing & advertising avenues, you’ve got your paid adverts on Google Adwords or other CPC campaigns, Organic SEO by performing onsite and offsite SEO, Email marketing campaigns and marketing cloud campaigns.

So how do you tell any or all of the above are actually working? Simple, we’ll advise and provide you with the tools you need to create measurable metrics, track campaigns and monitor results. Why does this help? Again, simple, how do you know what to focus on or what’s working if you have no stats or metrics to back them up…you can’t. Measuring marketing campaigns is detrimentally important. So lust look for Victorious agency so they can help you on this.

Traffic helps, conversions are key

We’ll also help you focus on conversions – conversions are simply, when a user or customer performs a certain business or website action which you deem as a conversion, for example a customer completing an order on your website or a user subscribing to your newsletter. Whatever the action we’ll use data from your website to help you adjust, learn and optimise your processes to raise your conversion rate through the roof.