Yellow Tulip Communications

The Brief

Yellow Tulip Communications peels away the confusion that can cloud a solution and presents an original idea that blossoms into a fresh approach to communication.

We undertook this project in collaboration with the talented James Crisp of Crisp Design a great designer and friend of Bytewire.

Yellow Tulip needed a clean and information rich modern design, which James put together. Then they needed an expert WordPress build, which is where we came in. Turning the .PSD design into a beautiful WordPress theme.

Our Solution

With the client already being familiar with WordPress, it was a no brainer as to use it for our CMS solution. WordPress enables easy customisation of the content on pages, ability to add new blog posts, add additional functionality through plugins, and create new content with no development experience.

Yellow Tulip also features a HTML 5 Video with, excellent cross browser compatibility and a nice little fallback to Flash element if the browser does not support HTML5.

Client Details

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