Street Crime

The Brief

Street Crime is an online gangster MMORPG / RPG game run by Xenba Games, Xenba games came to us looking for a complex online game solution. Including micro payment gateway integration, such as Paypal, Moneybookers, Paypoint, Impulsepay, and many more.

The Solution

Street Crime is much more than just a website, it’s a complex online game with many actions and features, including online Blackjack, Yahtzee, and Roulette tables. It has up to hundreds of concurrent users active at the same time and due to the nature of the site, generates thousands of page views. It has over 40,000 registrations to date and is still growing day by day.

Building Street Crime was not a small task and took many months of hard work to develop from the ground up, including HUGE amounts of custom PHP code, lots of custom design work, complex database and caching mechanisms and vast CSS and Javascript / jQuery.

It was an exciting, thoroughly fun, and challenging project to have had the opportunity to work on, and we still continue to do regular work for Xenba Games on Street Crime as it continues to grow.

Client Details

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