What we are up to…

Its been a while since our last post on Bytewire so we thought it was time for an update on what we have been up to, what we have been planning and an insight into the future for us at Bytewire.

Recent news

We have focused our efforts over the past few months largely on our online game, Street Crime. Street Crime has evolved into a popular gangster text based game with now over 15,000 registered users and over 600 users playing on a daily basis. We have been working on improving and implementing new and old features to enhance overall gameplay.

Below is a short overview of recent additions to Street Crime :

  • Turf Damage – Gangsters turfs now come under threat from a series of random events which cause damage to the buildings which costs money to restore. If a building reaches 100% damage it will no longer produce an income to the gangster. This feature is a replacement for the previous maintenance feature which was too static.
  • Trade – Provides a secure feature for gangsters to trade various items such as casinos, cars, credits and crews with each other. Each player adds their side of the trade in and then locks in their items. Only when both players have locked in their items and finalised the deal will the items switch hands.
  • Weapons – Street Crime now boasts a weapons locker of more than 30 different weapons which can be unlocked through earning Prestige throughout the game. There are 6 categories of weapons all of which serve a different role in the game. Weapons needs to be trained up in order to fulfill their potential when using them in an attack.
  • Achievements – An additional 40+ achievements have been added to Street Crime to give gangsters additional tasks to achieve whilst playing the game. The achievements range from easy tasks such as crushing 350 cars to stealing 50 cars in succession without getting one confiscated by the police.

Coming soon to Street Crime

With the recent additions of Heavies, Turf Damage, Weapons and more we are now getting close to an announcement for Attack so stayed tuned for more information. We have been working on attack and all its interlinking features for sometime now as we hope to produce the most unique attack systems of any online game of this genre.

Look what our designers have been up to

Our designers have been busy building us some new graphics for Street Crime characters to replace our old system with a cool new fresh look. We’re naturally really excited about these new funky characters and will be looking to get the system into the game as soon as possible. Check out some of the characters we made below.

characters sc What we are up to...

Our Plans

At Bytewire we believe its good to plan ahead and have therefore already discussed various key areas and key development projects we will be pursuing and developing in the near future. We are devoted to continuing to work in the online games sector as we continue to work on Street Crime and aim to create one of the largest gangster games on the internet. In addition to Street Crime we also have further game ideas which we have developed over time that we would like to see come to fruition, when the time is right and the development time is available from our already jam packed schedule.

We also plan to broaden our horizons by working on a Facebook game which we hope will open our games to a wider variety of users. In addition to this we hope to make mobile versions, including an iPhone application, of our current game Street Crime to ensure users can keep their accounts up to date even if they are not able to access a computer.

There are also plans to develop our core websites such as games top sites and a game advertising network as we feel these would accompany our core competences as a business well. More details on all of our upcoming projects will follow in the future.

Blog written by Elliot Reeve

I am one of the Directors of Bytewire and I like to blog about lots of different and interesting stuff surrounding the website design and development world.

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