We Are A Greedy Society Of People

After an argument with a friend about the movie Avatar it made me realise that society has become ever more greedy! A machine hoovering and gobbling up all that is offered on a plate and un-politely shouting back “more please…..oh and next time make it better”.

Think back to the days when the human race marvelled at our own achievements for example landing on the moon, space, power of flight, learning the earth was infact round not square and medicinal revolutions. All of these things were celebrated around the world as near on miracles never before being more than a dream.

Think back to the days when movies were black and white or had no visual effects in them what so ever, most people would never have dreamed movies would have progressed to what they are now. This doesn’t make these movies bad movies at all, but they lack revolutionary techniques and abilities that films have available to them in the modern day industry. So lets use this as an example……Star Wars comes out, first movie of its kind and scale, nothing is comparable to it, and its now hailed as a revolutionary masterpiece and probably will be for the rest of time. Now lets compare that to Avatar and in this case my friend whos view was this……

“The 3-D aspect and the ‘world’ are impressive for the first half hour.”

Notice how he admits to the marvel that is Avatars world, but as he has slowly been exposed to similar lesser visual effects through previous movies and although impressed initially soon loses interest. Now put into perspective the Star Wars movies and how they are still viewed as great movies despite being very dated. It almost points to a certain fact which is key to alot of businesses around the world.

“Be the first and be original”

Now think about this, if you were fortunate enough to have been alive the day the first ever landing on our wonderful moon took place, as a world stood still to witness a landmark in human kinds achievements, you would hold this date and memory vividly in your mind. Then think about humans landing a space craft on Mars, this is a massively more significant mission, much more complex, costly and daring than landing on the moon, but do you remember it? The date? Maybe you remember reading something about it? But there was no stand still for sure. And you know why? Its not new news anymore…….you’ve heard alot about space missions and your bored…..until something totally revolutionary or significant comes along you probably won’t be interested again.

After going on a bit of a mazey helter skelter of a ride you’ll hopefully now be seeing my point, which I believe can be pinned to almost any product, any type of service or any entity.

In most cases no matter what it might be, the average person is not bothered about the complexity of how you deliver a product or service, but that you do deliver it.

Its key to remember, only you and other like minded people will be impressed by the complexity, cost and how you implement a product, story or service. Others, generally speaking are more interested that the product does what it says it does, and it does so well.

Which now leads me back to the overall point of this post, in a society where only the very new of the new seem to make people stop and wonder, how does a business, service or entity using non revolutionary techniques get themselves recognised…..i’ll leave you with that thought.

Blog written by Dave

I am one of the Directors of Bytewire and I like to blog about lots of different and interesting stuff surrounding the website design and development world.

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