Visiting T Cribb & Sons

Last week we visited one of our clients T Cribb & Sons, mainly to demo the site we’ve been building for them, but also to dive into their business and get a feel for what its like in around the office. Unfortunately while we were there, the heating packed up and due to the crazy cold weather here last week, we were freezing! We like to get involved with our clients and go to see the business in which we are trying to build a website for. It gives us a chance to really soak in some of the company values, atmosphere, and general image that they give off at current and how that corresponds with the image they want to try and achieve with their new website.

We also always find that when going to a business they have great things around the office which to them are everyday commodities but to us as people looking in are really quite unique and different. So we always go prepared with a camera to take some useful snaps for the website. We always find imagery quite important to a business website especially those offering a service in which alot of a sale goes on the character and professionalism of the business image. This is particuarly so of T Cribb & Sons, a funeral provider in east london, whose long standing family tradition means they have heaps of history, heritage and experience in delivering personalised funerals. We found some absolutely awesome photos hidden away in archives of funerals dating all the way back to the early 1900′s that had been carried about by the family lineage. Some of them just look great on their website and give it so much character. You just simply will not find another funeral website which shows the amount of character and tradition that we have managed to pull into T Cribbs. It also makes our job alot easier when its possible to pull resources that are so good direct from the company.

It just goes to show, if you have a proactive attitude to your clients, seemingly worthless things they otherwise may have overlooked when providing material for a website rebuild can be caught and used by a well trained eye. This is why we always involve ourselves in the business we are working with, to really become apart of it as we make the site for them.

Here’s a few snaps of us working in the main office at T Cribb & Sons.

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