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Dave September 06, 12

Why have a Content Management System?

Preview - Why have a Content Management System?

If you spend any time at all hanging around with web developers, eventually you will hear mysterious acronyms like CMS start cropping up in conversation. A CMS, or Content Management System, can be used to provide a publishing platform for your company website.

The big CMS players

There are hundreds of Content Management Systems available, all of which have their own niches. Some of the most popular CMS platforms are completely license free, helping to reduce website running costs over the long

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alexc February 09, 12

What is WordPress & Why Is It Used

Preview - What is WordPress & Why Is It Used

Hello my name is Alex, i’m starting out doing some work for Bytewire, and as part of my initial personal development I am getting familiar with Wordpress. Having never used Wordpress before, it’s a jaunt into a new space of the web for me. I’m going to document my research and development in the form of regular blog posts on (right here) as to perhaps help others following a similar path to me.

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