RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Preview - RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011

I thought about not jumping on the bandwagon and writing another RIP Steve Jobs blog post, but, then I thought, isn’t it great that we all feel this compelled to write, this many amazing things, about this man?

Few of us knew him in person, and even fewer of us knew what he was like away from his working life. Yet, his work, passion, and innovation has touched so many people in so many ways that you feel a sense of duty to give him an almighty send off.

So we thought you know what, he definitely deserves a blog post from us too.

The funny thing about our story is, not so long ago, we weren’t Mac users, we’d never heard of Steve Jobs, and we didn’t really care (call us ignorant if you will). We we’re happy in our own little world of Craposoft and Windows, well at least we thought we we’re. We knew Mac’s existed (go us), but we never really saw the point in a big change up, or the benefits of using them (after all there’s gotta be a reason Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world, right?). So there we we’re in the early days of our company formation, running some cackhanded Dreamweaver and FTP setup, thinking, well we’re pretty snazzy and all that, we can make websites. Oh boy, oh boy.

Until one day we got hit by a bus…..the end…..just kidding. It was nothing like getting hit by a bus, infact actually what it was, is, we met another company. They had been going many years more than us and had alot more experience, 10 years infact. Shortly after meeting them we went and spent some time at their offices, for the first time in a little while, we felt out of our depth (probably the understatement of the century). Techniques and words we’d never even heard of, Macs, server rooms, and daunting advanced business management advice. It was a mind boggling experience.

Anyhow, shortly after we started to work together, and as part of that partnership we we’re (quite literally) forced to buy iMacs. “Oh sweet jesus” we thought at the time. I even remember to this day, some classic quotes that soon followed:

“I’ll give it a go, but if I don’t get on with it, i’m selling the bloody thing.”

“Why do all of the UI buttons on an open window have to be on the other side, how annoying!”

Ell even remembers me saying this:

“I’m so fed up with it (after only the first day), i’m strongly considering putting it on eBay.”

In all honesty the first week of switching platforms was tough, but, let me tell you right now, persistance, most definitely paid off, in a big, big way. Now we use Macs everyday, for everything, they are fantastic, and we absolutely love them. We honestly couldn’t imagine having to go back to using a windows computer on a daily basis, EVER (insert fanboy slander here).

So thank you, Steve Jobs, for that.

Not only that, but Apple has been in my life since the iPod, which at the tender age of 17 I had managed to persuade my parents to fork out for the first ever generation 32gb (remember the one with blue / orange backlights? Boy it was sexy), amongst my friendship group, I was cool (well it more than me was cool). The iPod was a piece of technological genius and totally, totally turned the industry on it’s head, and being a huge music fan, I still to this day love every minute of it.

We’re also big users of the iPhone, which brings with it so many cool things like, the app store, mail, mobile browsing, un rivalled UI, syncing with wonderful macs, and the list goes on and on.

So thank you, Steve Jobs, for that too.

The weirdest thing of all about our story is, that until last night, I hadn’t realised what an amazing man Steve Jobs actually was. As I sat their and read the news coming in through my twitter stream last night, I felt compelled to just watch as many videos of Steve in public as I could. And with each one I watched, I felt, more and more attached to this Tech legend. He was more than just the face of Apple, he was a calm, smart, knowledgable and frank guy. Everything that he delivered in his speeches, he delivered with a sort of relation to his own life & experiences, that i’ve never really seen before, even more so since the things he had battled so hard, for so long, had finally got the better of him, this very evening. It kind put everything he was saying into perspective. And with everyone I watched, I felt more knowledgeable and compelled to watch more. By the time it hit 2am I felt a real sense of personal loss, but some of the thing’s I had heard and watched him say, had touched me forever, perhaps this was his calling? His purpose in life? Not to personally touch my life, of course. But to touch the life of others like me all around the world.

Apple under the healm of Steve has touched the hearts of many, improved the lives of many, and added real quality of life to many more, including ourselves. For that, we are eternally grateful.

The world has lost an amazing man, and so young too, it’s a huge shame, and he will be sorely missed as a man, as CEO of Apple, and a Dad. But what a legendary legacy he is leaving behind, and long may it continue. After all thats what he would have wanted.

Our condolences go out to his friends and family.

Steve is lost to us all in flesh, but will never be forgotten in soul.

Rest in peace
Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

One of the most touching videos I watched, and an absolutely must watch for anyone.

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