Realising your E-commerce lemons with Lemonstand

Preview - Realising your E-commerce lemons with Lemonstand

Although the idea of roadside lemonade stands never really took off in the UK (we’re not sure they even really existed outside American cartoons for that matter), the simplicity of the concept is attractive – particularly in the otherwise complex marketplace that is the internet. Historically running an online shop is quite difficult. Either the tools used to host an ecommerce website are too complex, too expensive, or completely inflexible when trying to bend the tool to your specific business needs.

lemonstand promo 300x257 Realising your E commerce lemons with Lemonstand

Which is why the Bytewire team is so keen on using Lemonstand for the ecommerce projects they complete for their customers. Never heard of it? That’s not really a surprise (does enyone other than web geeks discuss the software used to host various websites?), but there are a number of websites you probably know who rely on Lemonstand. Sites like UNICEF UK, Taywell Ice Creams and Caribou Knives all rely on Lemonstand to underpin their online shops.

So why should you care?

Like we said, Lemonstand makes setting up and managing your ecommerce site a cinch. Bytewire will help your business configure all the templates and workflows that make the website work for your customer. Once the initial deployment is complete, you will then be able to add your products and services quickly and simply, getting the shop fully functional and ready for business within hours.

However the actual “shop” part of Lemonstand is just one of the many reasons Bytewire believe their clients will love the product. Lemonstand comes with a comprehensive suite of powerful reporting tools, allowing you to prepare financial reports and identify key sales trends for future marketing efforts. You can even generate discount coupons to be used on your website and the mailshots required to get those offers to your customers.

But what if your business doesn’t sell physical goods? Again, not a problem. Lemonstand can cope with digital downloads (like electronic books or digital artwork) and subscriptions. You can even sell bundles of items with just a few mouse clicks. And then there is the ability to create invoices, shipping notes and process payments, however, if this is not your forte you can opt for companies like ndis townsville can help you handling the finances of your business.

There’s so much Lemonstand can do for your business, but what we find really exciting is how simple it makes everything. If you can buy items from Amazon, we are confident that you will be able to manage and sell items from your own Lemonstand site.

Bytewire are Lemonstand Contributors!

The other good news is that Bytewire are Lemonstand contributors, so you can rely on us to get any issues with your new ecommerce site sorted out quickly and efficiently. If you have any problems or queries, Bytewire are always on hand to help (and we speak plain English too!). Whenever you check here we can help you come up with a solution to attract customers.

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