Street Crime: Testaments & Player Ideas


Today we have added some new features to Street Crime,


This new feature allows you to designate a character to receive some of your items which before you would not have received back when you die.
By setting a player as your testament this player will receive 40% of the money in your bank and all of your vehicles in your garage.

You can only set a Testament if your a paying member and this can be done at your Personal page under the ‘Main’ tab.

Perhaps this will ease the pain of having your brains blown out?

Player Ideas

As part of our continued dedication to you as the players we have decided to make a full idea making and voting area. This can be found under the communications tab at the bottom. Or here Ideas page.

Here you can view and create ideas for street crime. You can also now vote for ideas that you really like, if a idea is feasible and is supported by a large amount of players it will be implemented.

You will only be able to create a new idea once every 24 hours and vote once on each idea.

We have also made some other small tweaks around the place.

The Street Crime Staff

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