Moving from PC to Mac

Ever wondered how daunting it is to move from a PC to a Mac?

Well try putting yourselves in my shoes! Having been a PC user all my life and having never used a Mac at all I was faced with getting to grips with a Mac to use for programming etc.

The Mac I got was a 24″ iMac 3.06 GHz, pretty impressive piece of kit when you look at it but would it live up to the hype I have read since I faced the prospect of using one?

Having used the Mac for a couple of days now the short answer is Yes it does. Its impressive to use as well as look at. Yes there are differences between a Mac and a PC I wont deny that but having used the mac for a few days they are changes I am willing to make.

Having set the mac up I was faced with the problem of how to navigate through programs and how to install new programs. This is a small learning curve and I got to grips pretty quickly. Anything you can do on a PC you can do on a Mac its just a case of knowing how to do it.

Thinking about moving from a PC to a Mac? Dont hesitate, jump in, its worth it. The speed of the Mac alone is enough to convince you, thats without the added bonus of the array of features it bolsters.

My only bad experience with the Mac so far is the mouse, hardly a problem here as I simply plugged in my old mouse and problem solved.

Mac all the way!

Blog written by Elliot Reeve

I am one of the Directors of Bytewire and I like to blog about lots of different and interesting stuff surrounding the website design and development world.

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