Launch of our new homepage

Yesterday we launched our new homepage, we’ve been very busy working on colour schemes and a slightly different look as we start to ramp up the business towards our automated system for buying and managing websites. Which includes an exclusive admin panel which will allow our customers to make requests and talk to us about additions / edits in a timely and organised fashion from within our very application. The aim of which is to provide our customers with a transparent, friendly and professional environment to manage their websites with us and for us to interact with them.

We feel this will help improve transparency of billing and keep customers well informed of when bills are due and what for. It also going to provide support for our upcoming pricing strategy which will allow our customers to pay a one off setup fee and then pay for their website monthly, but with no rights to actually keep the site unless they decide to pay the fee to keep the rights to the site. We think this will work really well, especially for new start up business’s who want to get all the benefits of a quality website with a small initial cost.

Check back soon for more updates on this.

Otherwise we hope you like the new homepage, any feedback would be more than welcome.


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