Inspirecard – Featured in the Essex Chronicle

Preview - Inspirecard – Featured in the Essex Chronicle

Big congratulations to Inspirecard (part of Simplyfundraising) for a really successful week of marketing, culminating in being featured in the inside cover of the Essex Chronicle (no mean feat). We’ve been working closely with Inspirecard to create a unique website which compliments and shows off the great work they are doing in the local area.

Check out the article here – Inspirecard – Essex Chronicle Article

If your unfamiliar with the idea of Inspirecard or just plain interested – basically it’s a local discount code much like we’re used to with the likes of tastecard and alike. It’s currently targeted at just Chelmsford, Essex and the surrounding catchment areas.

For a small annual fee, (currently on promotion at just £34.99) you can purchase the Inspirecard yourself. By doing so you can unlock discounts at famous restaurants like Strada, Cafe Rouge, The Griffin and smaller establishments such as Hooga Bar and Barda Restaurant. Discounts are by no means limited to just restaurants, and they can be found ranging a number of other great services, including ourselves.

The card has now got just over 100 registered businesses and is really gathering momentum.

Check out what the guys at Inspirecard are doing here – Inspirecard website

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