How much does a website cost?

As the “need” for a website continues to grow, the question of “how much does a website cost?” continues to be thrown around. Businesses and individuals are continuing to feel the need to gain an online presence. However, those that don’t understand the principles behind a website, have no real idea about the cost of buying or running a website. If you have never purchased or run a website how are you supposed to know how much they cost?

Why are websites are so hard to put a price on?

Buying a website is a very similar prospect to buying a house or a car, in the sense that the more complex the requirement, the higher the cost. There are varying levels of websites which have differing levels of complexity. This level of complexity has an overall effect on the cost of the website, the higher the complexity of the site, the more man hours required to build it and thus the higher the cost. For example a company website which consists of 5 information pages, is much less complex than a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is designed to simplify the publication of web content allowing the client to keep his or her website up to date whenever and wherever they want. This would therefore enable any novice user with basic computer knowledge, to adjust the companies address or edit a paragraph of text on the homepage, without the need for the web developer (us).

I have seen a website for sale for £19.99?

There are a number of companies in existence, which offer the world but deliver nothing, therefore you need to be wise about who you choose to create your website for you. Be sure to investigate a number of different options and compare them, look at their portfolio, read any testimonials and view the websites they have created. You will soon build up a picture of who offers the best service and if your still unsure find a local website design company and pay them a visit to discuss your needs.

The more planning you do regarding your website the easier it becomes to convey your idea to the designer. By planning in advance you will avoid any additional costs and delays in getting your website live.

Ok, I understand, now how much does it cost?

There really is no clear cut answer to this. It completely depends on what you want, which will determine the complexity of the website, which in turn produces the cost. But here at Bytewire we have tried to create some “package deals” which we hope will suit differing levels of website complexities.

Each website package serves a different purpose and therefore comes with different specifications. Your requirements will determine which package is best suited to you. Each package comes complete with 1 years free hosting and a or .com domain registration. This means there are no additional costs, you pay the package price and we will create your website for you, and not only that, we will make an impeccable job of doing so!

Take a look at our packages to get a feel for what we can offer you. Be sure to also check out our add-ons which are one off cost perks, that can be added to your website at anytime, should you wish to spice or spec up your site with us!

Blog written by Elliot Reeve

I am one of the Directors of Bytewire and I like to blog about lots of different and interesting stuff surrounding the website design and development world.

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