How can I tell if a web development company is any good or not?

There are plenty of businesses out there who “specialise” in web development, although some are better than others. But as the business decision maker, how can you tell the wheat from the chaff? The website developers Utah will give you a few tips:

They keep it simple

The very best way to determine whether someone knows what they are talking about is if they can explain a concept concisely and clearly. If you find yourself lost in a cloud of jargon and geekspeak, there’s a good chance you are being deliberately confused to disguise gaps in their knowledge.

Jargon is unavoidable when discussing a new website and technology, but there is no excuse for these buzzwords to go unexplained. If you cannot understand what you are being told by a web developer, do not hesitate to ask them to translate. If they cannot (or will not) it should set alarms bells ringing.

You wouldn’t sign up for a loan or other financial agreement without fully understanding the implications, so the same principle should apply to choosing a web development company with whom to partner.

They ask the hard questions

Designing an effective website and accompanying marketing plan is difficult. Any business that claims otherwise is overstating the truth and should be regarded with suspicion. Here at Bytewire we believe in always telling the truth, even if that means you end up looking elsewhere for web development services.

The first serious question you should expect to be asked is “What do you hope to achieve?” Any other opening question suggests your prospective suitor may be approaching your project from the wrong angle.

The Bytewire team will ask questions which force you to think carefully about what it is you hope to achieve with your website and underpinning strategy. Without having a clear goal, no business will be able to help you achieve it, and your website risks being deemed a failure. And any business which fails to ask the hard questions will never make a great partner.

They demonstrate long term vision

Building a shiny new website is only the first step in creating a successful online presence. If the company you are talking to fails to mention any kind of follow-on marketing plan, they clearly have no intention of forging an ongoing partnership focused on your future business success.

The brutal truth is that with around 400 million other websites on the internet, your business needs to do some additional work to get noticed. Like most other web development agencies Bytewire can build beautiful, functional websites, but we also go further by helping you create and implement the marketing campaign to ensure the site is a success, meeting your business objectives.

The Bytewire position

As part of our total honesty policy, Bytewire are well aware that there are literally hundreds of competing web development agencies in the UK and that depending on your specific needs, they may be better suited to complete your project. However this honesty cuts both ways – we can give a genuine appraisal of your needs and we can help you identify and meet your short-term goals.

But because we believe in partnering with our clients, we can also provide ongoing assistance and advice to help develop and manage a long-term marketing plan. Moving forward, this plan will be tailored to generating an ongoing return on investment which will contribute towards your business’ bottom line.

Sound interesting? Why not give us a call today on 01621 856628 to get an honest opinion on business website needs.

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