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Bytewire have recently been working hard on developing a brand new website for local KIA dealer, Ken Brown Motors (Harlow). The new site is now live and can be found at it’s home here – Since going live we have struck up a great working relationship with Ken Brown Motors (Harlow) and are working hard in partnership with the Kia Dealership to drive traffic, and ultimately, leads to the business.

During our time working on this project, there are four main factors that we’ve found REALLY matter to a Kia Dealer (or any car dealer) and it’s website.

  1. Fresh looking website, with great layout and up to date content. In particular we’ve focused on the new and used cars, offers and special events.
  2. Fast & accessible server – making sure important customers get the information they need quickly and understanding everything about servers via
  3. Conversion focused content.
  4. Great statistics – Lead tracking, conversion tracking and website traffic monitoring.

ken brown motors services placeholder Custom Kia Dealer Websites

The website includes a bespoke design, kept in tune with the fonts and style of the parent entity. It also has influences brought from it’s parent franchise ‘Ken Brown Motors’ of which this dealer website is trying to break the shackles of and become more independent and in control of it’s own destiny.

We also integrated the site directly with 2ndByte a service providing feeds directly from Autotrader and used by many dealerships up and down the country (funnily enough also owned by Autotrader). This allows the used car aspect of the site to run on autopilot with a fresh update from 2ndByte being dropped to our servers every morning. Ensuring our used cars are always up to date.

2nbyte autotrader logo Custom Kia Dealer WebsitesThe website also makes use of various content management tweaks such as adding used cars to the deal of the week and special offer boxes promoting exposure to vehicles which need to be shifted quickly.

We wanted to get really involved with the project and help as much as we could to provide a solution which would tick the box for not only Ken Brown Motors (Harlow) but potentially any other independent car dealer in the UK. So we even went the extra mile with Ken Brown Motors (Harlow) and attended special KIA events such as the ‘Dealer Website Project’, where KIA talked to dealership owners about their new CMS for dealer outlets. You can find Ken Brown Motors (Harlows)’s integrated dealer page here –

If your unfamiliar with the event or simply did not attend, KIA set out the following aims for the event to address:

  • To demonstrate the Content Management System (CMS) capability and build up confidence in its use
  • Examine the impact of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the affects it can have on your dealer websites
  • To ensure a more relevant and up-to-date user experience
  • Actively demonstrate the Power of Digital in today’s business world

By having an active and well contributed to dealer website, KIA hoped to achieve the following:

  • To increase traffic to your dealer webiste
  • To increase the number of leads generated from the website
  • To see an uplift in sales across participating dealers

kia top deals of the week1 Custom Kia Dealer WebsitesOn a monthly basis we now look after intricate aspects of lead generation to the site and are chiefly responsible for driving cost effective traffic and potential leads to the website. Not only do we do that, but KIA on a quarterly basis release large wholesale price and specification changes to dealers, and subsequently the site needs to reflect these changes.

So, after the information has been fed down to the dealers at the quarterly meetings, and then sent over to us, we update the entire website to reflect the new prices, specifications, offers, deals, new KIA car models and changes to any other KIA marketing aspects. Keeping the Dealers website up to date and making it more likely to be showing the most up to date deals and offers to potential customers.

If you are a KIA dealer and your interested in the work we have done for Ken Brown Motors (Harlow) KIA dealership in Essex, and think it could be something your also interested in, then we’d love to hear from you – or 01621 85 66 28.

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