Client Site: Marble Solar Goes Live

Preview - Client Site: Marble Solar Goes Live

Last week our latest bespoke website project Marble Solar went live. In collobaration with our friends over at Fubra we built a tool for the Marble Construction Group to measure and advise UK residence of the potential of an un-used roof space for solar energy. Solar Panels have long since been available and the government offers financial incentives for those who choose to go green, and partake in creating renewable energy.

Up until recently solar panels have remained expensive and thus despite the governments incentive tariffs not managed to gain much traction as an attractive residential prospect. However with the growth of the industry picking up and technological advances, manufacturing costs of the panels have dropped and are lowering consumer installation costs, making the government incentive tariffs a sound investment.

Some investments, given the right parameters are offering a protected return of up to 22% year on year. Much better than your high street banks right? It is of course dependant on the sun deciding to shine in your area, the angle of your roof, and the direction your roof faces amongst other factors.

The system we have built for the Marble Construction Group advises and estimates your potential for renewable photovoltaic energy generation, the investment required, payback time of the investment, and profit. Our client is extremely happy with the market leading tool that we have built for them, including not one but two sets of data sources. Making it more versatile and more accurate than using the standard data supplied to most Solar Panel Installers.

An example system install might cost around £10,000. The government will gurantee it’s incentive rates for a maximum period of 25 years without further approval. On a due south roof in the south of the UK it is estimated I will make 3,068kWh @ 43.30p per kWh.

3,068 kWh x 43.30p = £1,328.44p is my first year benefit. Continuing at this rate it would take me 7.5 years to repay the system install. With a further 18 years of profit. For the purposes of demonstration and not assuming any losses and other assumptions I would stand to make 18 x 1,328.44 in profit over the remaining 18 years. Which is a total 25 year benefit of around £23,911.92.

Not bad hey? There are many more factors than those of which I have portrayed here, but why not try it for yourself at Marble Solar.

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