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benlloyd January 05, 21

How can I tell if a web development company is any good or not?

Preview - How can I tell if a web development company is any good or not?

There are plenty of businesses out there who “specialise” in web development, although some are better than others. But as the business decision maker, how can you tell the wheat from the chaff? The website developers Utah will give you a few tips:

They keep it simple

The very best way to determine whether someone knows what they are talking about is if they can explain a concept concisely and clearly. If you find yourself lost in a cloud of jargon and

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Dave November 14, 11

Seeking freelance web designer

Preview - Seeking freelance web designer

We’re looking for a seasoned freelance web designer, preferably locally based, but if your good enough we’ll certainly consider changing our mind on locality. Strong typography skills are a must, along with a dab hand for beautiful designs. If your interested at all or would like to find out a little more information then contact us bytewire [at] or feel free to give our office a call on 01621 856 628.

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Dave December 16, 10

Bytewire is open for web design and development

Preview - Bytewire is open for web design and development

We are pleased to announce that we are open for business and actively seeking new clients to help push exciting new projects with. We are based in Chelmsford, Essex and have a vast web development and design background and are more than capable of tackling even the most complex tasks. We provide complete solutions, from CMS (content management systems) to complex e-commerce solutions or awesome creative website design.

If you have an exciting project and your enthusiastic about it drop us

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