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mascotblog Bytewires Worldcup PredictorHere at Bytewire we have the football fever! A few weeks ago whilst sitting in the summer sun enjoying a few quiet drinks after a kick about, some friends and us got thinking about upping the stakes a little bit this world cup, but we didn’t really know how or what we wanted to do. There were tonnes of people jumping on the dream team world cup site / apps wagon. But as there was no budget or any kind of valuation cap, everyone just picked similar teams of the best players. So we decided it would be more fun to run a predictor with points accumulation for the correct winner of each game and bonus points for correct score. We also introduced a few tie breakers like total goals in the tournament, total red cards, total yellow cards, top goal scorer, top goal scorer goals and top scoring team. As this seemed alot more difficult to end up with the same scores, and also alot more riding on every game. Especially if you and a friend are neck and neck for the prize pot at the semi final stage. Entry to the predictor costs £5.00 only.

The Prizes

  • Winner takes 60% of the overall pot.
  • Second takes 25% of the pot
  • Third takes the remaining 15% of the overall pot.

Check it out here –

We thought it would just be a bit of fun and something a bit different to alot of other ones out there. All prize money goes into the pot, its literally all for free (well £5.00 but thats it).

One Last Thing

Remember to share, it would be really great if you could share the link to this bit of fun with the provided facebook share links etc on the predictor site. We would much appreciate it.

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