alexc March 27, 12

5 Things I’ve learnt about WordPress

Preview - 5 Things I’ve learnt about WordPress

WordPress Makes Content Management Fun!

Since my last blog post I have been working diligently at WordPress on a daily basis and have found it to be very easy to use, the fact that you can add so much functionality to your website through the use of an almost unlimited supply of Theme Layouts & Plugins means that there is no end to the possibilities. You can choose among several WordPress hosting sites if you know what functionality you need.

I am rocking

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Dave March 22, 12

Launching your first website

Preview - Launching your first website

Thinking about getting your first website? Find it all a bit daunting? Don’t know who can be trusted and who can’t? Read on.

This guide is a comprehensive reference point for anyone who is looking to get a website built, either personally or for business!

We’ll cover such topics as Realistic targets setting, deciding on a budget, doing your homework, spend time writing down what you need and why, revisit this list a week later and add or remove irrelevant specs, identifying prospective web design companies and agencies, shopping around, trusting web agencies, how to sniff out someone you can’t trust?, accepting a Quote, getting a contract drawn up, making sure your kept in the loop and project finish!

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Dave March 16, 12

Bytewire release version 4 of website

Preview - Bytewire release version 4 of website

Over the last 6 months or so we’ve been working on and off on the 4th iteration of Bytewires new site. After some considerable time, tinkering and optimising we’ve happily launched. Version 4 (v4) is our most ambitious yet, and was mostly the product of early mornings and late nights, when we found time to juggle it between our growing client commitments.

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