Dave October 17, 11

Top Mac Web Design Tools & Apps

Preview - Top Mac Web Design Tools & Apps

Many┬áNew Jersey IT Companies evolve when new tools emerge, some good, some very good and some you wonder how you ever managed without (of course we’re kind of overlooking a vast majority of bad one’s here). Its the tools of which have changed the way we work, that we be focusing on, in our Top Mac website design tools and applications post below.

Coda : Text Editor, from Panic.inc

A large part of any web developers armour is their text editor which

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Dave October 06, 11

RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Preview - RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011

I thought about not jumping on the bandwagon and writing another RIP Steve Jobs blog post, but, then I thought, isn’t it great that we all feel this compelled to write, this many amazing things, about this man?

Few of us knew him in person, and even fewer of us knew what he was like away from his working life. Yet, his work, passion, and innovation has touched so many people in so many ways that you feel a sense of

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