10 reasons we think you should come to us for your next web design project

Here at Bytewire we believe its important to be honest and transparent with our practices and pricing, thus, below we’re going to try and condense down into 10 pinpoint reasons why you should come to us for your next web development project.

1. Our expertise in web development our second to none and range from brilliant design right through to complex web games and e-commerce systems. We can cater for very little customisation and server side programming or utterly loads of it (whatever you want to throw at us).

2. We’re friendly and helpful, at the end of the phone 9am-6pm all week, at local rate calls and available for emergency help across the weekends, helping to ensure that your website stays up and running all the time.

3. We’re building a great little platform for our customers to be much more involved in not only the initial design and development process, but also enabling them to tweak there website setups and request additional outlays and features at the click of a button from there very own control panel.

4. All our prices are 100% transparent, what you see is what you pay. We pride ourself on this approach, it makes it very easy for the client to judge the cost of the project and also in a strange way makes it much easier for us to price each add on to the basic setup.

5. We offer 3 basic packages which have been tuned to perfection so that we can offer the best quality website at a reasonable price. The standard website starts at £399, all be it, its our lowest priced website, but it still comes with a professionally designed W3C Compliant professional setup, look and feel. We also offer the CMS package which at £499 is absolutely perfect for small start up business’s and personal site owners who want that extra bit of control and want to be able to edit the basics of their site, whenever they feel the need. Lastly we have our E-commerce system, powered by our unique blend of power, customisation and stat’s at £1,299 its a great way to put a foot in a possibly endless market.

6. Not only do we offer these great packages but we also offer a fantastic range of configurable add ons for each package, choose what you will and have us transparently update your package price as you do so. Again what you see is what you pay for.

7. Our partner links to direct scalable hosting will mean we always have the right hosting solution for you, regardless of spikes in your traffic or lulls, we can put you on a fixed price hosting or completely scalable whichever you would prefer.

8. We get the job done, having now had years of experience dealing with many different clients, within our own exploits and our customers, we are more than confident we can service more needs and do it well.

9. We have a great little office which you can come down to and work with us or simply come over to see us and we can be very flexible about the times of these meetings or you can just pop in and chat to us while we work (whatever floats your boat). But believe me when I say its mightily useful to be able to drop by and speak to your web designers in a friendly and easy environment, rather than developing a poor relationship with them.

10. Bottom line, we’re experienced in the field, we’re good guys and we’re here to help clients who want to be helped. So let us help you and prove that we’re worth every penny that you invest with us. We work hard to make sure our customers see rewards and gains in the ways they would expect from their websites. Achieving clearly defined goals and targets along the way. In doing so we get a great sense of achievement everytime we help YOU do something great! So let’s do something great together.

If your in the Chelmsford, Essex area or particuarly near us and have a current development project / even just an idea, just feel free to drop by and we can have a informal chat about your ideas and perhaps strike up a relationship which may help us all in the future.

Blog written by Dave

I am one of the Directors of Bytewire and I like to blog about lots of different and interesting stuff surrounding the website design and development world.

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